Bab’Mbatha makes trouble especially when it comes to him winning.

Bab’Mbatha makes trouble especially when it comes to him winning.

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Bab’Mbatha has always been nothing but trouble especially when it comes to him winning. First it was becoming a Pastor at KwaMashu Kingdom Church(KKC) then the KwaMashu Talent Show recently and now it is stealing from the most feared man of KwaMashu.

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Mbatha had the best moment when he received a year scholarship to study to become an Achbishop in the United States of America months ago. The ambitious Mbatha came back in just a couple of months claiming that America has brought him nothing but the best. It looks like nothing has brought the best for Mbatha especially since he came back from the State.

It is not the first time Mbatha will be in trouble with Nkunzi because recently he tried to make a mess on his talent competition. Mbatha tried to sabotage other contestants so that they can be the only ones winning the competition but that did not end well for him and his partner,Screwdriver. They caught in action by Sibonelo who was sent by Nkunzi to investigate after becoming suspicious of something wrong happening in the competition. Sibonelo found Mbatha and Screw taking away Lily and Hleziphi’s dance costumes and Nkunzi sent them to his famous freezer.

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As if the talent competition and the freezer wasn’t enough for Mbatha to be on Nkunzi’s bad books,he had to do another thing to make him even more angry at him. Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo is not one to mess with and get away with and Mbatha knows that but because he is desparate ,his fear for Nkunzi will not stop him from getting what he wants from Nkunzi.

We last saw Babekazi on Gabisile’s funeral where she was telling everyone about Gabi Girl’s wrong doings to other people. She was of course drunk with a drink in her hand while telling the best funeral speech. Now the woman who never beats around the bush is back and she is going to rob someone feared.

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