Banele Ndaba is a man but shaped like a woman

Banele Ndaba is a man but shaped like a woman

Banele Ndaba who is popularly known as Moghelingz is a South African born and bred social media creative who hails from Sakhile in Mpumalanga. He is one of those South African youngsters who entered the entertainment industry and made waves with their crafts. Born in 2001, the 21-year-old is famously known for his funny TikTok videos that mostly focuses on African childhood stories which many can relate to. Not so much is known about his personal life because he only creates content that does not touch on his personal life.

Banele Ndaba is part of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Intersex(LGBTQI) community and he is gay. Born as a man, Banele Ndaba says he has always felt like a woman in as far as his hormones are concerned and he was also born with a body of a woman; he has a thick butt and thick thighs that many women would love to have.

He has never suffered from a low self esteem but he has always embraced himself and confident about his entire body. Whilst many thought he had done a surgery on his body since he is gay to appear as a woman, Banele Ndaba has said that he has never done any kind of surgery since he was born. Below are some of his pictures which show off his body.

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