Bantinti vs national side chick: ‘RHOD’s’ Zama and Ameigh tear into each other.

Bantinti vs national side chick: ‘RHOD’s’ Zama and Ameigh tear into each other.

New #RHODurban additions Ameigh Thompson and Zama Ngcobo have taken their on-screen feud off the reality TV series.

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The gloves are off (again) between Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) stars Zama Ngcobo and Ameigh Thompson.

The two ladies have been at each other’s throats since meeting for the first time at Zama’s 40th birthday, which aired on episode three of the reality TV series. At the centre of their feud is Ameigh’s 2022 alleged hijacking scandal.


According to Ameigh’s version of events, she was hijacked at gunpoint in the presence of her children and a friend in Durban in June 2022. The friend in question is Sli Khumalo (who is an anti-gender-based violence activist popular for her beef with DJ Tira’s wife, Gugu Khathi).

The new RHOD addition has a son and daughter from her marriage to Ivan Marvis – a drug dealer from Johannesburg, according to the Government Communications and Information Systems (GCIS) website.

She claimed that Khumalo was working with (Marvis while he was in prison) to take the Porsche Cayenne back from her. Khumalo was allegedly seen driving the car in Johannesburg days later.

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Hitting back, Sli claimed that Ameigh faked the whole incident; including the bruises on her face. She alleged that the reality TV star knew that her estranged husband wanted the car back as he found out that her new boyfriend had been using it as his own.

According to Sli, Ameigh also has a court case for allegedly producing fraudulent papers in her bid to sell the house she lived in with Marvis. This, she allegedly did after finding out that Marvis had put the house in a trust.


An emotional and upset Ameigh addressed the claims during Jojo Robinson’s party, where she snapped at Zama Ngcobo for making light of the situation.

After her rant, the two ladies kissed and made up. However, it seems Ameigh has not let go.


In episode 11, Ameigh again addressed Zama’s utterances regarding the alleged hijacking. She told the group about a conversation between Zama and Angel, which Angel recorded. In it, Zama speaks about the hijacking as she speaks about all she heard and read about it on social media.

This time, however, Ameigh escalated the matter and poured wine on Zama – who had insisted that she will no longer apologise for the same thing.

The fight continued on Instagram as Ameigh hit back at Zama for calling her a jailbird during her diary session.

” I’d rather be a bantinti [jailbird] anyday than be a NATIONAL side chick…

“I’d be mad too if I had to beg married men for money. 52, no man, no kids, failed career because too old to work for you… I get it,” Ameigh said on Instagram.

Zama responded with a screenshot of an X post by murder-accused blogger Musa Khawula which alleged Ameigh was pepper sprayed by her alleged boyfriend’s wife.

“Us wives do this to oskhotheni [thugs] to avoid prison time futha ikokoroshe [spray the cockroach away] from your husband,” the actress wrote.

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