The judicial battle between Basetsana & Jackie Phamotse is raging

The judicial battle between Basetsana & Jackie Phamotse is raging

The court battle between Basetsana Kumalo and her husband Romeo Kumalo, against award-winning author Jackie Phamotse got heated during last week’s court appearance. Sunday World reports that a cross-examination took place last week Thursday at the Randburg magistrate’s court and things got pretty intense.

Taking the stand was former Miss South Africa who got drilled by Jackie Phamotse’s lawyer. According to the publication, things got so intense that Basetsana asked the magistrate to protect her from Phamotse’s lawyer because she felt attacked and was not allowed to finish her sentences.

On the other hand, the author’s lawyer argued that Bassie failed to answer the questions with a simple yes or no.

The couple is fighting Jackie Phamotse legally because of an incident that took place in 2018. Jackie tweeted that she had eavesdropped on a conversation between an unnamed former Miss South Africa who is also a media mogul and a friend, who she begged not to leak a video of her and her husband rimming a celebrity boy.

“Just overheard a painful conversation, a female TV mogul pleading with one of my girls to not share videos of her drunk and her husband (sic) rimming a celebrity boy!!!!!!!!! What the hell!!!! Kanti, what kind of marriages do we have now!!! I have asked to see this video,” the tweet read.

Because of that Tweet, Phamotse now faces two charges of crimen injuria and even though she never mentioned their names neither did she give a hint, they assumed she was referring to them.

After battling it in court the first time, Phamotse was then ordered to not utter a word about the couple, she was also prohibited to write about them.

“Below is the verdict against Jackie Phamotse, who made salacious, diabolical, outlandish, and fictitious utterances about our family. The respondent is prohibited by this court from;

a) Engaging in or attempting in engaging in harassment of the complainant
b) Enlisting the help of another person to engage in harassment of the complainant
c) Making any malicious allegations on any Social Media Platform with regards to the complainant
The court further imposes that the respondent removes all malicious allegations against the complainant from any Media Platform. This Protection Order is valid for an indefinite period.
Should the respondent violate the above, a warrant of arrest will be issued resulting in a sentence of 5 years in jail,” as quoted by Basetsana.

According to Sunday World, when Bassie was asked how does she know Phamotse was referring to them when she tweeted such claims, she said it is pretty obvious she is the media mogul who was also Miss SA. She also boastfully said she has a production company that produces several TV shows and employs over 200 people, so she gave herself the title, media mogul.

Regarding the book which she also claims has something to do about them, Bassies was asked if she had at least read it to be sure the author was referring to her, she answered No.

The case has been postponed to July to give Phamotse’s lawyer enough time to prepare.
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The law might be on Bassie and her hubby’s side if indeed Jackie was tweeting about them because no names were mentioned, the masses she was tweeting to deduced that she was talking about the power couple. Which is enough to tarnish their names.

In 2018 after the court ruling, which they won, Basetsana thanked her supporters and for restoring their family name. “Thank you for always believing the best of us and your unwavering support through the most vicious attack on our family. Some of you do not even know us personally, yet you have shown us tremendous love and support during this hurtful time. For that, we thank you.”