BBMzansi: Fans are not well after seeing mvelo kiss


BBMzansi: Fans are not well after seeing mvelo kiss

One thing about Mvelo, I feel like he’s been the black sheep of the house from day 1. Viewers judged him prematurely and by the time he started falling off and giving dull vibes, viewers were already over him.
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I feel like a similar attitude exists in the house. Most housemates just treat him like furniture. Even with games and everything in the house, you can sense that they’d have no problem if he made himself invisible and accepted that he’ll be going home first.

Yesterday’s party was newsworthy as always. Everyone in the house did their share of drama and got air time on social media. After Biggie’s alcohol ran out, the housemates played Truth or Dare and they wouldn’t miss the opportunity to suck each other’s faces.

Mvelo was amongst contestants to get lucky enough to be dared to kiss fellow housemates and he leapt for the opportunity! When it was time for him to kiss Dinkybliss, he seized the opportunity. It was great seeing him so hands-on with the game, for once it felt like he belonged in the house.

The kiss? It was described as cringe-worthy by those who cared enough to comment on social media. Compared to Themba’s passionate kiss with Mpho, Mvelo’s kiss with Dinky felt uncomfortable and embarrassing to watch. More than anything, it mirrored one of those kisses on Our Perfect Wedding Mzansi where the man grabs his wife’s face by the cheeks and makes sure to hide the happenings of both their mouths.

Aya kamana spoke for a lot of viewers when they wrote, “Mvelo must go and sleep. His kisses are so uncomfortable to watch”

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Thoughts? Do the housemates have a bias towards Mvelo?

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Source: Big Brother Mzansi on DStv channel 198

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