BBMzansi fans say about Mpho It’s just beautiful on the outside


BBMzansi fans say about Mpho It’s just beautiful on the outside

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While you’re here please follow me.

Mpho has been attracting negative comments since she forgot she was on screen and made snaaks comments about Thato’s hair and dress code.

As always, she’s held on an unbelievable standard and as soon as she goes astray, she’s labelled a bitter sangoma who harbours an ugly heart.

It’s unfair because the same Thato who is being used as a point of reference to paint Mpho evil, once insinuated that Mpho is into ghetto aviation and actually demonized her. There are double standards on viewer’s end and it’s starting to reveal that most people see people who are into African spirituality as witches.

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Antonette started a conversation around the contrast of Mpho’s beauty and the state of her heart. She wrote, “This lady is sooo beautiful, but her heart is the opposite 🖤” and it’s only a few tweeps who defended Mpho. Most were only glad to chip in their 2 cents about her evilness and drag her to the underground!

Thoughts? Do you think it’s fair to crucify Mpho over 1 thing that she said?

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Source: Big Brother Mzansi on DStv channel 198

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