BBMzansi: Sis Tamara’s manhood breaks the internet.


BBMzansi: Sis Tamara’s manhood breaks the internet.

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Big Brother Mzansi recently made a triumphant comeback. The housemates have been keeping fans on the edge of their seats with their entertaining performances, crazy antics and fascinating conversations.

Ukho Samela, aka Sis Tamara, is gaining a lot of popularity since she was cast as Big Brother Mzansi season 3 housemate. Her bubbly personality has seen her being crowned the life of the party in the Big Brother Mzansi house.

She never ceases to amaze amaze viewers with his dancing skills, chile! She really knows how to rock the dance floor. Fans have been enjoying a video of her dancing from one of the show’s house parties.

Her most admired qualities are that she engages in many discussions and embraces her sexuality.

At first, some viewers were concerned that she was the only queer person in the house and they wished she had found another queer person she would bond with.

Despite this, she has the time of his life on the show and the male housemates enjoy his personality. He has become a hot topic after Norman proposed to him. Watch the beautiful proposal below:

The show’s Shower Hour has also been breaking the internet lately. One fan noticed that they always show Sis Tamara’s package whenever they take a shower. During the Shower Hour all the housemates, including both male and female, take a shower in one big shower room together and Mzansi gets to see them in their birthday suits.

Big Brother Mzansi recently bid farewell to one of its housemates. QV, real name Keamogwetse Motlhale. QV recently dumped the show unexpectedly

Shirley Adonisi Director of Local Entertainment Channels confirmed that Keamogetswe had taken the decision to leave the Big Brother house due to personal reasons.

Taking to her social media page, QV shared that what had become a childhood dream of hers, quickly turned into a mentally challenging competition, which forced her to choose her health.

“I’m sure everyone noticed that I have been a little bit closed off…I’ve come to realise that I’m clearly struggling from something and as much as I would like to throw it behind and focus solely on knowing each and everyone of you, it’s not only affecting me mentally, I’m feeling it physically. So I will be leaving the game.

Mvelo Ntuli is another housemate whose fate has been decided by the viewers just two days after he appeared on our screens. Some viewers have expressed that they don’t like him and some have taken it to Twitter that they don’t understand the hatred towards him.

“I understand that most viewers did not connect with his personality, but the drag towards Mvelo is Mso unnecessary. Let us be kind, his mental health matters too,” he wrote.

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