beautiful Queen Lamiez Holeworthy joins Face Card challenge

beautiful Queen Lamiez Holeworthy joins Face Card challenge

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A new change that people have been loving to make on social media currently is called Face Card. Whatever it is happening, they are finding it very good to put a smile on their faces. What will happen is that you will run out of happy times and should smile. Some people believe that if you smile all the time, you will not appear grumpy, while others believe that you will not age quickly.

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It happens all the time where someone is happy but then the people around them are not entirely happy because they have spotted something very wrong. The usual issue is that they are overspending their money and want you to slow down and spend it wisely. But then it could still be anything else. What you are doing every day should bring joy to your life.

Lamiez Holeworthy is all about being on the radio and the DJing equipment playing good music. That is what is also putting a huge face card on her smile. Sometimes money has to be available to cater to the needs of that moment, which needs you to lay for them. It is also about taking beautiful pictures. Lamiez Holeworthy loves them a lot and would not miss them for the world to take up to a month without sharing a picture.

She likes to document her lifestyle on social media and you will become aware of what is happening through her lifestyle. She also uses it to engage with her followers and they love her fashion. She is always making sure she pulls off the best outfits. That is why the interaction is so huge on her timeline. But then again, she does not come cheap with her fashion.


She is constantly pulling out expensive clothes. It is not a secret that some people are feeling less pressure and other people want to pull out their best also. That is where people will be spotted wearing not the original brand and that not should be bad because that person wants to have the very same brand fashion. It is a reality that some places will be selling those clothes but not the original brand as known.

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