Because of Anele Tembe’s death, some people did not cry for AKA

Because of Anele Tembe’s death, some people did not cry for AKA

Rapper AKA was shot dead last night in Durban. He was a father, a son, and a grandson. The rapper met his untimely birth just before his performance at a club he was booked in.

The club he had been booked in to perform at announced that there would be no performance due to unforeseen circumstances, and this was immediately after news of his passing started doing its rounds on social media.

AKA’s fiancé Anele Tembe passed on, on 11 April 2021. Anele Tempe’s life was cut short after she allegedly jumped out of a window of the 10th floor of Cape Town Pepperclub Hotel where she was staying with her fiance, AKA.

Not even a year after his fiancé’s death, AKA started dating rapper Nadia Nakai, and they flaunted their relationship on social media platforms, which bothered some people, while some were saying he deserves to be happy.

No matter how much you dislike a person, there’s never a reason to celebrate their death. There are a number of people saying negative things, on social media about AKA’s death. The article has screenshots from different social media users, and what they think of the Rapper’s death.

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