Benjamin Dube: Isn’t he supposed to be a man of god?

Benjamin Dube: Isn’t he supposed to be a man of god?

Benjamin Dube

This morning we saw Man of God Benjamin Dube make headlines following a caption which includes the word threesome. His followers were shocked that the person of God could even say such a thing.

After realising later what the term ‘threesome’ means to most of people Benjamin Dube clarified to his followers that his caption came from an honest place.

The gospel star recently too had a lover dedicate a tattooo t him.

Showing that she may be a true fan of the veteran gospel musician, a lady got the words “The Tribe of Benjamin Dube” tattooed on the side of her neck.

Sharing the image and in complete awe Benjamin Dube said “I couldn’t believe this. Tattooed: ‘Tribe of Benjamin Dube’. Wow, Zoleka!,” he commented.

Under the comment’s section where people that didn’t encourage such behavior due to the extent of ‘obsession’ displayed by the fan. He was told to not applaud like it comes of as idolatry and quoting bible verses to copy their point.

“As long she is happy it’s none of our concern. People have tattoos of Pop stars,no one cares .The righteous shall live by faith. you’ll bring all the scriptures to dispute what she did.If she lives by faith in God’s eyes she is righteous,” one commented.

Another asked, “Bishop, you seem touched by this. Why are you allowing people to idolise you?”

Responding to the ‘backlash’ Benjamin Dube defended the lady by also quoting a bible verse, saying she is going to be saved whether tattooed or not.

“God tattooed us on the palm of His hand …Isaiah 44:5/49:16. Christ saves both tattooed and therefore the clean. I’m not really moved by this, just surprised,” he said.

The gospel singer is simply one among many to possess their names or faces tattooed by fans. Kabza De Small also received an equivalent quite love from a lover who tatted his whole face on her arm.

The females extreme act of loyalty and support amazed him and has asked anyone who might know her to assist contact her. The fan tatted Kabza’s album cover on her arm, i’m The King Of Amapiano: Sweet and mud , which is his face wearing a crown.

The music producer was in awe and asked fans to tag her and said ‘he needs her’.