Besides trying to intimidate AKA why is Bheki Cele at Anele Tembe’s funeral?

Besides trying to intimidate AKA why is Bheki Cele at Anele Tembe’s funeral?

Bheki Cele

Now, there might have been questions such as, what was the Minister of the Police doing at Nelli Tembe’s funeral? And why he mentioned some of the things that he mentioned?
That is something that a lot of people might have asked themselves, but then one thing that we have to understand is that Bheki Cele mentioned that he knew the Tembe family.

So, he might have been there in his personal capacity, as his speech was going, he talked about how Nelli’s father was right to have talked about the things he talked about.

He commended him for passing what he regards as a message to other 22-year-olds out there. Cele also mentioned that there is a necessity for parents to check on their children because we can never know when they are in need of assistance.

And obviously one would have expected that the Minister would say something, as far as the whole situation about what happened that morning is concerned.

However, he did not, he just mentioned that he will not get into that matter, which is unfortunate, but then maybe it was not the right place and time.

There was no update, whatsoever, he just mentioned that the family should stay strong and he mostly talked about how parents should always be a shoulder to cry on to their children.

There was no assurance from him, one would have expected that he would say that they are doing all that they can and they will make sure that the matter is solved.

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He did not say how far they were with the investigations, this is probably something that will be discussed after some time.

Even though, we did not get what we expected, we got to hear some wise words from the Minister, which goes to show that he really understands what it means to be a father.

Who knows, maybe we might hear something from the Minister soon, this all depends on the progress of the investigations.