Best Celebrity Laughs These stars have the most contagious laughter

Best Celebrity Laughs
These stars have the most contagious laughter

Celebrity Laughs
These stars have the most contagious laughter

There truly is something enchanting about someone’s laugh, isn’t it? All sense of logic and consciousness seemingly flies put the window as one’s imagination runs wild.

Generally celebrities yield various forms of power; some can effortlessly fill up venues, some have the power to attract big brands to align with theirs as that would most likely ensure a lucrative return from a business stand point, and then there are those who can charm the socks out of any fan by just… well, their laugh.

South African celebrities are not lagging behind on some of these powerful and enigmatic traits, which proves just how charming they are in their natural form. These are the kind of media personalities that leave us doubting if our own laughs are just as powerful and enchanting.

ZAlebs has assorted some of our favourite celebrities that have managed to capture us with just a laugh. Their respective legions of fans have come to associate their laughs with their overall brands.

  1. Sizwe Dhlomo – You can’t speak about Sizwe and not mention his laugh, you just CAN’T!

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Never in a million years did I ever think I would have a rose named after me or join this caliber of laureates… Yesterday was truly special. Thank you @ludwigsroses for this profound recognition and solidifying my place in this world in such a beautiful manner. ONLINE ORDERS HAVE BEEN INSANE! . It is equally important for me to share that 50% of all proceeds will go towards my Lighthouse Foundation which is another wing of the work that I do. Lighthouse seeks to assist young people battling mental illness, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, I started the foundation in honour of my late baby sister and in hopes that I can help families and young people to seek the medical and psychological assistance they need. You will live. You will heal. You will overcome💕 🌹 #NomzamoRose

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For 2019 I hope for the following: 1: Wisdom 2: I pray for an increased sense of discernment for through it comes good decision making. 3: May I be a vehicle not to provide advice but perspective. 4: May I be aware of my insecurities and may they never govern me. 5: May work be full-filling and a time of unprecedented growth. 6: May I grow and strengthen friendships. 7: May we seek to give love freely without trying to control it. If it goes away it is not the end. Let us not fear it either. 8: May we know that a fall is not a tragedy, but not getting up from one is. 9: May our circle of success expand. 10: May we be kind, while remembering that saying ‘no’ sometimes is the kindest thing you can do. And being kind does not mean to be unkind to yourself. 11: May we remove ourselves from people who sap our energies because of their constant negativity. 12: Don’t let your soul be trampled upon if we can help it. 13: It’s ok not to be ok. 14: Let us be weary of the illusion that is applause. 15: May we accept that not everything will make sense. 16: If we are to be unhappy, it must be because of acts of the universe, not things in our control. 17: May we be happy for those who succeed and kill the poisoned chalice that is umona. 18: May we work towards making South Africa a better country. 19: Mandihlale ndimhle torho. 20: Ubuthakathi bempandla mabuphume kum.

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A few weeks ago, we complied a list titled, Battle of the backsides, whereby a few of our favourite celebrities have strategically taken photographs, showcasing their fully fledged buttocks.

Some of these celebrities include, Nomzamo Mbatha, Bontle Modiselle, Boity Thulo, Thuli Phongolo, Buhle Samuels, Thando Thabethe and of course, Phindile Gwala. This goes to show that there are many other physical traits that make these beloved celebrities of ours more attractive and endearing to their followers.