Big Brother Mzansi: A big shock with Mvelo’s exit


Big Brother Mzansi: A big shock with Mvelo’s exit

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A wave of shock took over Big Brother Mzansi’s contestant as he was told to pack his bags and go home. Mvelo Ntuli’s shock came as a surprise to many as it was clear from when he entered the show that he was not the viewers’ favorite housemate.

Discussing his exit on Twitter, viewers exchange different memes expressing how he was shocked.

Other viewers were mocking him asking if he was still going to get taxis home as it was late at night.

It looks like many people were expecting Mvelo to leave and only himself was holding on to the hope that his late grandmother would save him.

The 28-year- old once mention in one of his interviews that her late grandmother helped him enter the Big Brother Mzansi season 3.

“Someone in our family told me not to worry as granny had gone behind the scenes to help us in our lives. I have been succeeding in everything, and I believe she is behind me,” he said.

Just the other day a viewer commented in a plea for his mental health saying, he does understand that most viewers did not connect with his personality, but the drag towards Mvelo was unnecessary. He ended the note by saying let us be kind, his mental health matters too.

The viewers plea seemed to have worked but not enough to save him. Viewers left heart felt messages for Mvelo. One said, “Honestly Mvelo is beautiful, Love and Light to you”.

Another wrote, “Mvelo never provoked anyone but he faced discrimination from the house, the damage to his self-esteem Weary face I applaud Venus, Mpho and BU for accommodating him. At least he’ll bow out in style he got a kiss from Thato and Dinky.

The kindest of all was the one who wrote, “Goodbye Mvelo…you got into the show where thousands couldn’t make it. You are a winner already and Good luck to your future endeavours.”

Mvelo was not the only housemate to leave the house, joining him on his one way ticket home was housemate Rethabile Potsane, who’s also known as Dinky Bliss. Phil Mphela took it to his wall that, “Dinky will be missed. She definitely injected some much needed zest in that house.”

Mphela’s post was followed by comments from people who were also not ready to let the drama queen go as yet.

“The production team flopped here by allowing the only entertaining person in their cast leave so early. Reality game shows always rig votes to maintain viewership and deliver entertainment; they could have made a plan somehow, now it’s going to be as good as watching Are You the One.”

The other viewer blamed those who did not vote saying,” If people don’t put pressure in voting for their favourite, they will be evicted. Big Brother is a game. No petition will bring back anyone. Audio votes don’t work.”

Saved from the axe were housemates Norman, Gush 1 and Mpho“ who were also nominated along Mvelo and Dinky.

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