Big Brother Mzansi: Mpho is saying that Terry has a boyfriend outside


Big Brother Mzansi: Mpho is saying that Terry has a boyfriend outside

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Now, the housemates release tension in different ways, viewers have to understand that it can be really stressful being in that house and there is nothing much to do when the housemates are not given any tasks. So what do some housemates do?

They gossip about each other, which is something that is expected in a show like Big Brother and as you probably already know, Mpho and Nthabii always have something to say about most of the housemates.

They have something to talk about everyday and last night was no exception, they were talking about Terry. It was not just her, but it was mostly her and we got to hear some things that were a bit surprising, so it turns out that Terry has a boyfriend outside of the house and this is according to what Mpho heard.

And this caused some confusion, some viewers have mentioned how Mpho has this habit of twisting words and interpreting things differently from how they were said.

What Mpho said is that, she overhead Terry talking to Yoli, Libo and Nale and this is when she made the revelation, but in actual fact, Terry mentioned that she had 3 guys outside of the house she was entertaining, but that would change after the show.

With everything that has been happening, it seems like there is something going between Mpho and Terry. They never really got along, somehow they have managed to do their thing without being in each other’s faces.

But they are in one house, so they are bound to do tasks together, which then forces them to converse. One might want to know why Mpho would want to talk about Terry in the first place, well, as mentioned, the two do not get along for some reason and that is how it has been since the first week.

Now, we might have seen Mpho gossip about Terry, but Terry does the same, it would be interesting to know what would happen if they would clash.

If you have noticed, there are a number of things that might lead up to that, but surely the ladies would not want to do anything that might jeopardise their chances of getting the big prize.

However, you can never predict anything when it comes to the game, the housemates can always surprise us and that is something that we are always looking forward to.

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