Big Brother Mzansi: Vyno reveals the kind of woman Mpho is


Big Brother Mzansi: Vyno reveals the kind of woman Mpho is

It may seem like Vyno has been paying attention to his fellow housemates lately or he is simply just a good judge of character, it really depends on how one chooses to see it. And one could say that, taking a closer look at the people you are competing with for R2 million is very much necessary.

So, if there is anything to look forward to, then it has to be the late night gossip between Libo and Mpho and things were a bit interesting last night because Vyno and Terry seem to have joined in on this.
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And this means it is more entertainment for the viewers, we definitely do not mind, we got to hear Vyno and Terry talk about Libo and Mpho. But, the discussion was more about Mpho than it was about Libo, Vyno seems concerned that Mpho is not who she claims to be, he thinks that she is using Libo.

Now, this has to be explained in more detail, but what Vyno said is that, he knows the type of a woman Mpho is, she is the type who would not go for someone like Libo on the outside world.

According to Vyno, Mpho has good intentions when it comes to Libo and she is doing what she is doing because they are in the house, he went on to mention that Mpho is a woman who would go for rich men.

He explained that, one of the reasons he views her that way is because of her dress code, which is not really a good reason, but he was probably going somehow with the point he was making, we did not get to hear the whole thing.
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But if it was mainly based on that, then the way she dresses has nothing to do with the type of woman she is and the viewers shared their views on this sentiment from Vyno.

Another thing that Vyno mentioned, which surprised some people is that, Mpho has a crush on DJ Maphorisa. And again, as he puts it, this is the case because according to him, Mpho is really interested in guys who have a lot of money.

Now, people are most likely going to ask questions, they might want to know if she would ever date Libo outside of the house and she would probably say she would, she had the conversation with Libo about this and it seemed like there was an understanding of some sort.

But, we will have to wait and see how everything unfolds when they are outside, we will know if Vyno was right about Mpho or not.

What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts.

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