Is Big Zulu dating Bonang or are they rumors?


Is Big Zulu dating Bonang or are they rumors?


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March 2022 is shaping up to be a rather interesting month for rapper Big Zulu. There’ll be his legendary boxing match and now he and Bonang have sparked dating rumors.

Yes, you read that right. Big Zulu and Bonang Matheba are now rumored to be together. If it feels unbelievable trust me you’re not the only one who feels so.


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The IT girl shared a video on her Instagram stories, which a fan reshared on Twitter and it immediately went viral. In the video, Bonang and Big Zulu are holding hands and she seems to be blushing at whatever he is saying to her.

Needless to say, fans are immediately obsessed with the idea of them potentially being a couple. I mean can you imagine Big Zulu actually landing Bonang?


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Social media was immediately set ablaze with fans who were excited for the pairing. Now they want to know exactly what big Zulu said to Bonang to get her blushing like that, so maybe they can also use the same words to land their crushes who seem out of their league.

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It got even better because Bonang herself commented on the video, warning fans to stay vigilant because Zulu Men really are out here sweeping ladies off their feet.

Her tweet was all the confirmation that their fans needed. And like the other fans have been saying on Twitter, we are already fully on board this ship and hope it sails. Because honestly it’s always the most unexpected couples that end up being the cutest. Just think of DBN Gogo and Focalistic.

This is not the first time that Bonang is making a reference about liking Zulu men. When The Wife season one sex scene featuring Khanyi Mbau went viral on Twitter, she commented asking where she could find the Zulu men.

Well I guess Big Zulu must have shot his shot then? I mean if you’re going to get a Zulu man why not go for BIG Zulu, right? And if this isn’t a testament of speaking things into existence, we don’t know what is. She literally got herself a Zulu man only a few weeks after asking where they hang out. You go girl.

Big Zulu is also set to fight King monada this month, and we have to say everybody is pretty excited for that match. I mean it looks like he is very intent on giving us unexpected pairings, isn’t he?

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