Black Coffee addressed a letter to Enhle Mbali, you must stop lying.

Black Coffee addressed a letter to Enhle Mbali, you must stop lying.

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Multi-Millionaire and richest disk jockey (DJ) in South Africa remain within the spotlight as his ex-wife, Enhle Mbali, continues talking about him and making allegations of assault and lots of more.

It started off as posts on both Instagram and Twitter, then she posted a really emotional video on Twitter that left everyone sympathizing together with her . Today Enhle Mbali posted on her Instagram story that ” we are gonna Shame the devil and luxuriate in the darkness. Me and my boys”

Black Coffee assumed or knew that she was talking about him so he took a screenshot of the Instagram story and posted in on Twitter with a series of comments. the primary one was “Stop lying!! The lies are an excessive amount of . I wont close up anymore. The Childers you publicly claim to be protecting are suffering because your lifestyle.”

He posted another one saying “I’ve been taking care of all the household expenses. I lookout of all the youngsters and their school needs.On top of the all this from November I’ve been paying 65K towards you and therefore the kids. After our separation I got you a totally paid car in your name.”

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“It brought me such a lot pain to observe your videos making fun of this example with the youngsters ,they honestly don’t deserve this.I have now settled the electricity bill this point only for the sake of the youngsters .Moving forward pay your electricity bill,the kids shouldn’t undergo this.”

I think now Black Coffee is uninterested with Enhle Mbali trashing his name. But that doesnt prove his innocence. Tweeps thinks he shouldn’t react the way hes reacting because albeit hes hurting, shes hurting even more. “I know u r hurting but she is hurting quite u, please don’t answer her until both of u settle down n have a traditional talk. it’d take a year then she is going to be fine.m against u responding to her on Social media.Both of u guys r hurting.”