Black Coffee: Enhle Mbali Wants To Take My Home & Children

Black Coffee: Enhle Mbali Wants To Take My Home & Children

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Not long ago, Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa thanked gender-based violence activists for supporting her after filing a lawsuit against her ex-husband Black Coffee in Randburg District Court this year. Enhle accused Black Coffee of beating her at a birthday party held at the marriage house.
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According to Enhle, the abuse began in 2014, and a few weeks ago, she filed a protection order against her ex-husband. Her order was: “This weekend, there were two incidents on Friday and Sunday. On March 5th, he drove into our house and asked for a conversation I agreed. He had been very polite until we were alone. Naxi asked me why I ate dinner without his permission. Then I asked why I needed his permission, and he said, because it was his house. Then I told him it was our home, I was very confused, and then He threatened to call the police to shut it down. At this time, he was yelling…and the guests who had already arrived were watching.” Read more: DJ Black Caffeine Physically Abuse Enhle Mbali

Then, the actress decided to stand up and speak out the abuse. Not only that, but their mothers also helped other women to stand up and use their own voices, because gender has already claimed the lives of many women.

However, Black Coffee dismissed it, and he finally spoke. The award-winning DJ took to Twitter and shared his story. He wrote in a topic: “In the name of respect and dignity for my family and children, I have always been quiet, but now I feel I need to speak. GBV is the main problem in our country. Every day we read about men’s A terrible crime committed by a child. I personally witnessed GBV in my own family. Since I was a child, I vowed never to allow this to happen again under any circumstances. I did not beat my child’s mother Mbali. I don’t have it now. I have done it, and I have never done it before.”

He continued: “It is regrettable that she chose to use the name GBV to mislead the public and seek a protection order against me to separate me from my children and our home. Divorce is never easy, but Divorce is particularly painful for us. I have been undergoing intensive treatment for private treatment for the past three years. Every day, I am attacked by ruthless lies and lies. I am not crazy about her. As a law-abiding citizen, I Will absolutely comply with the requirements of the interim order, but will firmly oppose the permanent installation of the order, which is why we are currently in court.”

DJ’s Twitter followers expressed their support and believed him.

The Rockville star recently posted a letter on her Instagram that she is the ambassador for the 2021 Winnie Mandela Cup. Stand with GBV in my personal life and career. Be sure to become the Minnie Winnie in battle, because that’s what the cup is about. ”

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