Black Coffee solves all Dr Malinga’s problems

Black Coffee solves all Dr Malinga’s problems

dr malnga Black Coffee solves all Dr Malinga's problems

Tears of Dr Malinga are finally paying off, look what is happening to him now.

It is so nice to see South Africans coming together to finally help one of their own, Dr Malinga.

Few days ago, Dr Malinga went to MacG podcast chill to be the show event guest. This time around the show was one of the kind and to many it was concluded as the special and very touching show.

When he was there, he poured his heart out and cried while explaining what is currently happening to him with South African Revenue Services.

Many started raising their hands to help him. It is indeed nice seen people coming together to assist each other. Now we can confidently confirm that his tears had finally paid off.

Dr Malinga is busy sharing names of people on Twitter of those whom had contributed in assisting him.

The co-founder and chief in commander of the Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Sello and South African international Dj, Dj Black Coffee are amongst celebrities who contributed.