Black Coffee: That’s why Mbali wants Me To Pay Her Bills

Black Coffee: That’s why Mbali wants Me To Pay Her Bills

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Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa and Black Coffee. Photo credit: eNCA

Black Coffee is one among the foremost calmest celebrities who doesn’t engage much on negative subjects on all his social media platforms, but his name was dragged through the mud yesterday by his ex-wife, Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa.

Mbali insinuated that Coffee was the rationale the electricity supply was cut, but Coffee has denied the claims and revealed what seems to be the rationale why the electricity supply was cut.

According to Black Coffee, Mbali has not been paying the electricity bill, despite Coffee forwarding the statements to her for the past three months.

“From March, I even have been sending you electricity statements which you’re conscious of . Yesterday they cut the lights and you’re here once more creating another narrative that it had been due to me. lookout of your bills,” Black Coffee tweets.
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He further said that he has been taking care of all the household expenses since their hack , which he’s paying R65 000.00 towards Mbali and their kids since November. Moreover, he says that Mbali is merely struggling to form ends meet due to her lifestyle.

“Stop lying. The lies are an excessive amount of . i can not close up anymore. the youngsters you publicly claim to be protecting are suffering due to your lifestyle,”Coffee said further.
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If Black Coffee’s claims are anything to travel by, many families, especially black families that have responsible parents, would be ready to sustain the requirements of their families and pay all expenses with R65 000 and even save for the longer term .

Perhaps Mbali remains stuck within the lifestyle that he was familiar with when he was still living with Coffee and is failing to adapt to the new life without him, which affects the youngsters .