Black Motion officially split: Kabelo Koma joins Thabo Smallz, he replaces DJ Zinhle’s husband.

Black Motion officially split: Kabelo Koma joins Thabo Smallz, he replaces DJ Zinhle’s husband.

Blackmotion is once again back on social media, with reports that it is now officially over as Bongani has left the duo. Since they have gone separate ways, the duo has gotten a new member, and they did not admit to them being separate. They have made music together but have not yet released the song, and that was a moment that fans have accepted as they continue to work together. But they have been putting the blame on one person.

They have continued to blame DJ Zinhle for being the person who made the wonderful duo go separate ways and no longer perform together. It remains hard to accept that the combination seen will no longer exist. But from how they were performing at the moment since going separate ways, they will positively not come together any more. But it is part of life when partnerships break apart.

They are not the only duo who have decided to go apart. Teargas went apart, Swidish House Mafia, and many more They will probably not be the first duo or group to come to an end. All of them are performing better, and what fans should be waiting for is the next Blackmotion album. With their previous album, it was anticipated that they were going apart, but they denied that claim.,

Now it is coming clear, with the album title, “The Last Chapter.” It will not be bad if they announce splitting, and fans will not have to worry and can look forward to both groups performing apart. It would at least stop the accusation against DJ Zinhle and let them move on with their careers. It was not good when DJ Fresh was fired from all radio stations he has been to. He has left a hole, and his fans still hope to see him back on the radio.

When you are going apart from people whom you were with, it will also bring new opportunities. K.O. is doing well, even though not all of them have flourishing careers; it is part of life. Things change all the time, and so do people. It could be a friendship, marriage, or job, and some people are happy to change

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