‘Blacklisted’: ‘The Queen’ star Mlamli Mangcala returns to medicine

‘Blacklisted’: ‘The Queen’ star Mlamli Mangcala returns to medicine

Former ‘The Queen’ actor Mlamli Mangcala returns to medicine after he gets blacklisted in the South African entertainment industry.


Popular The Queen actor Mlamli Mangcala has returned to medicine after he exposed the industry’s misconduct four years ago.


The actor Mlamli Mangcala, who played Captain Sthembiso Radebe on The Queen reveals on his Instagram that he’s been blacklisted.

Mangcala also says he’s returned to his medical profession as a radiographer.

“When business does not work, and you are blacklisted on TV. You wake up and dust your qualifications then go to hospital and locum. The most satisfying part is when you impart knowledge to students. An apple a day keeps the radiographer away,” he wrote.

The actor and radiographer also tells Zimoja that his post was not intended to throw shade at anyone.

The publication adds that Mangcala’s life became difficult after exposing the industry’s misconduct. This led to the loss of his house and car.

“Things became so tough that I started losing my possessions,” he says.



Mlangcala also reveals to the publication that some producers informed him they were interested in working with him. But they were told not to hire him. This forced him to stop attending auditions, as it was a futile effort.

“They offered to reinstate me on the condition that I retract my statement, but I declined the proposal.” The offer was reportedly made by a prominent politician.

The actor gets MC opportunities for corporate events when he’s not working as a radiographer.


Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela revealed in 2020 that The Queen star Mlamli Mangcala accused Ferguson Films of ill-treatment.

“Actor Mlamli Mangcala accuses The Fergusons of ill-treatment. In a statement, he claims Fergusons Films gave him a R100 salary increase. And made him share a bed with another guy when offered accommodation in their mansion when he couldn’t afford to pay for his own,” said Mphela.

Sunday World reported in 2020 that Mangcala accused Connie and Shona Ferguson of being masters of deception.

The publication adds that the actor revealed, in a leaked letter, that he nearly lost his house and car after he was promised better rates by the producers, which never materialised. He said this left him with more financial woes and left the Mzansi Magic show.

He wrote: “We come, we serve, we take a bow or forced to take one. The force is either internal or external but remains a force. The truth will always prevail and stand during the test of time. Sanity, integrity will one day take over the reigns from greed and lies. Taking a bow.”

Connie Fergusons confirmed Mangcala’s exit from the show. She added that Mangcala’s character was meant to come to an end, at the same time as Jerry Maake’s character, played by her late husband Shona Ferguson.

“All contracts expired end of May,” she said.

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