Blesser Serge Cabonge: ‘I pooped on slay queen’s face’

Blesser Serge Cabonge: ‘I pooped on slay queen’s face’

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Popular podcaster, mack G recently place out his highly-anticipated interview with polemic radio temperament Phat Joe and wasted no time in stepping into the juicy stuff. Phat Joe did the foremost by transfer cloth the Blesser for a mini-interview additionally.


The blesser went on to inform magazine G hat he was able to droop up his blesser gloves.

“I’m uninterested in the sport. we tend to needed to entertain the general public once we started off, however there comes a time after you want you don’t wish to continue within the game any longer,”

“This is as a result of there square measure bound things that return around, like however folks check up on you and build negative things on social media while not them even knowing however you designed yourself.”

He additionally talked concerning the city polish off queens.

“We take women to city to own fun and entertain ourselves.”

Then Phat Joe cuts in and spills on however they’re forced to relinquish camels blow jobs, get pooped on either on the face or abdomen, forced to own crazy sex and an entire host of alternative things.

When asked if he had ever pooped on some one he discovered that he had and it had been for diversion.

If you’re interested in Phat Joe’s interview here may be a snipping of it.

He initial asked Joe if he’s slept with hottie Tebogo Thobejane and here’s what he had to say: “My brother, I’m gayly married. I’ve solely very gotten shut with Tebogo within the last year. I bear in mind bumping into her publicly places like malls – she and religion would check up on American state crazy. I solely recently gotten to understand them – we’ve got mutual friends.”

Check out another attention-grabbing info we tend to learnt from the work stoppage.

2 30Phat Joe is that the older of 3 siblings. He encompasses a younger brother and a sister. His sister possesses a academic degree in drugs, she’s a therapist.

The radio temperament discovered that he’s ne’er done medicine. “Nothing, I drink and that i stopped drinking 6-7 years past. ne’er medicine, folks assume that I did from the terribly starting as a result of i used to be therefore hyped on the radio however it had been performance.” He said.

Pushy From Jam Alley
“My initial womanfriend here was the girl from Jam Alley, Pushy. That was like my initial girlfriend in Joburg. I initial saw her modelling in an exceedingly magazine,” he discovered.

New tv Shows
Joe, United Nations agency presents brash roof of the mouth on ShowMax discovered that he has concerning six new tv shows starting up this year.

The Secret To His Success
Seeing that his connexion within the show biz spans over 20 years, he was asked concerning the key to his longevity and he born some jewels. “A heap of individuals don’t learn, they don’t grow and that they don’t study. They stopped finding out, they assume they’ve arrived and that they don’t still build networks and connect with folks.”

In 2019, Phat Joe and inunct had a giant fall out when he created nasty comments concerning the ninety four radio host. He additionally detached concerning it and why he created such hurtful comments. hear the total interview here.

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