Blood & Water is back tomorrow, we can’t wait any longer

Blood & Water is back tomorrow, we can’t wait any longer

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of Netflix phenomenon Blood & Water for a while now. The second season is set to drop tomorrow on the 24th of September. What can fans expect from Fikile and the gang this time around?

Blood & Water is no doubt about to become one of Netflix’s most popular shows. The show has generated a lot of hype and fans will be intrigued to see how they go about in season 2. Set in the bustling city of Cape Town, the teen drama series explores the scandalous lives of the rich teens of Parkhurst College. Fans will surely be kept on the edge of their seats with the end-to-end drama and unlikely alliances forged. The new faces set to grace our TV screens will shift the dynamics of the storyline and hopefully live up to our expectations.

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Season 1 left us wanting more, but the wait is coming to an end.


Set in the surroundings of Parkhurst College, the prestigious school boasts some of the elite scholars the country has. Blood & Water follows the exploits of 16-year-old Puleng Khumalo, as she plots her transfer to the school to investigate the 17-year-old cold case of her abducted sister which she has never met. The drama ensures to test old alliances and forging new and unlikely friendships.

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The second season will likely focus on Puleng and Fikile’s new relationship after they discovered in season one that they are sisters. One thing that we can all be sure of is nothing is ever as it seems and nobody will be left unscathed by the truth. Will Mark and Zama continue on their scandalous relationship and agree to be with Chris? What about Puleng and KB? Where will their romance lead too? All will be revealed in a matter of hours.

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