Blue has something to say about celebs who think their are untouchable.

Blue has something to say about celebs who think their are untouchable.

Blue Mbombo might be celebrated as one of the most well-known public figures in South Africa, but she doesn't want anybody to get it twisted: she's still a human being just like you and me. In fact, she wants the world to know that celebrities are just human beings like you and me.

Blue went to great lengths to make this point on social media this week when she seemed to throw shade at many of South Africa's biggest entertainers by reminding them that they would be nothing without their fans. She also urged her fellow celebrities to remember that fame doesn't entitle them to act as if they are better than other people.

As well as this, everything in this life is temporary and the new Tanqueray ambassador sent a warning shot in the direction of her famous peers by reminding them that they are replaceable.

The former Big Brother reality star wrote on Twitter:

"Screw your celebrity status. You are human, treat people well and stay humble. No matter how big you are today or how good you are at what you do, you are 100% Replaceable!".

A number of fans agreed with the model and influencer's words and although no other celebrities were named, we could tell that the general sentiment was that other stars need to take a page out of Blue's playbook.

This isn't the first time that Blue has hinted at her disapproval of certain people's attitudes within the entertainment industry. Last year, in an exclusive interview with ZAlebs, she mentioned that her fellow celebs scoffed at her when she first broke out into the industry.

"When I started in the industry, some people who have been in the industry for longer were very “who’s this girl?” and “she’s only going to last for two minutes”. But as time went on I felt more welcomed and they respect my brand, so I don’t really have challenges in the industry now, it was just in the beginning. I’ve been working in the industry as a model for some time, it’s just that now I have more exposure. I wasn’t an overnight sensation so I didn’t feel like I would last two minutes in the industry."

Blue Mbombo has grown in leaps and bounds since then but she still appears to be determined to remain humble and grounded no matter how much further she goes.