Blue Mbombo follows in Rihanna’s footsteps and talks about her pregnancy


Blue Mbombo follows in Rihanna’s footsteps and talks about her pregnancy

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MEDIA and unscripted TV character Blue Mbombo has dove into her pregnancy adventure. Blue, who made her pregnancy reveal on Valentine’s Day, shared that she besieged awfully at her first work to fall pregnant.

“I did things wrong. There was solution – as incited by my gynae. I was expected to take it before ovulation. I misinterpreted the rules and took them a contrary way around. I’m really confused with how the whole thing capacities, evidently,” she told Batswadi magazine.
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“I had a pimple in my gut and the medication was planned to help with diminishing it. I truly found that a huge load of women have developments, but can regardless consider.

Though not outrageous, I should have been safeguarded and have mine scattered to build my potential outcomes falling pregnant.

Everything showed up for my incredible and in our second month of attempting, my petitions were answered.”
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The new mum-to-be furthermore shared that she would have rather not have even the remotest clue about the direction until the uncover party since she wanted it to be a wonder.
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“At the day’s end, we essentially need a youth, whether or not it’s a child or young woman. Quiet, I’m wishing it’s a young woman. I really want a little me, twinning outfits and to be mum and young lady destinations.

I genuinely have a potential name for the kid, my associate has his and my mum has hers. We’ll close which one we go with once we know the direction.”

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