Blue Mbombo spends a day with turtles in the water

Blue Mbombo spends a day with turtles in the water

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Blue Mbombo finally reveals the struggle when capturing moments for Instagram content – it’s not all roses.
We always admire Instagram content creators, how they always look flawless and how versatile they are. The truth is, it takes a lot of work, energy, and sometimes bravery. And here’s to what extend Influencer, Blue Mbobo was willing to go.

She took to Twitter to let her followers in, in her recent adventure and tweeted:
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“When they said Instagram content is going to be the death of us. Here’s my Instagram content vs reality”

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Caption: “so girls and I decided to be a Lil adventurous and we went swimming with turtles.”
The Reality

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In her tweet, Blue admitted that she was frightened. This shows how far content creators will go to give us content. If a fitness creator can suck in a bloated stomach to look good for Instagram, how far can you go?