Video: Bodley Owamie discusses Sithelo and how she was mistreated

Video: Bodley Owamie discusses Sithelo and how she was mistreated

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Owamie, also known as Bodley Owamie on all social media sites, discusses Sithelo and how she was mistreated. She has one of South Africa’s most popular YouTube channels and is friends with Sbahle Mpisane, Mamkhize’s daughter and Andile Mpisane’s sister.

As of last night, Sithelo claimed that Andile Mpisane had abused her throughout their relationship. Sithelo claimed that even though she was upset when Andile wed another woman, she felt fortunate because the relationship’s pain and suffering had come to an end.

No woman should experience abuse, but Owamie questioned why she did not end the relationship in the YouTube video. She enquired as to whether Sithelo was under threat or decided to continue the relationship. This question, which is frequently asked when women report their abusive partners, can be problematic because it demeans the victim.

Owamie continued, “I’m not going to feel sorry for Sithelo. She just deserved it.” Owamie claimed that Sithelo had once dated and gotten pregnant for a married man, so this was karma for her. Owamie went on to say that she would not allow herself to be emotionally blackmailed into feeling sorry for Sithelo because life is a wheel and whatever emotion she experienced with Andile was life dishing out to her.

Owamie herself went through a divorce, and when she opened up about it, she turned to her audience for support. She is now suing another YouTube channel, The Vault Entertainment, because she went and revealed more in-depth information about her marriage to her ex-husband.

Owamie’s tone regarding Sithelo’s abuse was quite callous because no one wants to be reminded of their past transgressions while speaking out against abuse. Aside from the fact that Owamie expresses regret for the abuse and urges her to file a complaint, her other remarks have the potential to divert attention from the abuse to Sithelo’s being judged based on her past behavior.

Do you think Owamie made these statements because of her relationship with Sbahle Mpisane?

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