Bohang married the love of his life. See pics from his dream wedding

Bohang married the love of his life. See pics from his dream wedding

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Eye-candy Bohang Moeko has stolen many women’s hearts only to break them again. The actor has decided to put a ring on his long-term girlfriend Shanty. After dating for what seems like eternity, the two decided to make things official.


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In a post on Instagram, Bohang posted a picture of them looking stunning in their wedding outfits, and judging by the scenery, their wedding took place in the beautiful outdoors.

Shanty expressed her emotions in a heartfelt IG post:

“God did that… for real. This is a brag on God. Two people becoming one. Despite all our flaws, weaknesses, and differences, He knew we’d be perfect for each other. As we begin this new chapter of our lives, all of you reading need to know, that God lives! He guides and provides. Our love is a small testament of what God can do. Stay tuned, this is only the beginning. Xxx Mrs. Moeko ,” she wrote
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In an interview with Touch HD, Bohang says this is how they met, from the horses mouth:

“I’ve seen her a couple of times at the gym…at the time she had a boyfriend, so now, fast forward a couple of months or a few months, I see her at pop bottles again…and then fast forward a couple of months, I see her at an audition.

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“What happened was, I follow one of her friends, so I was looking at her insta story and she happened to pop up in there and I saw the peach I was like: ‘hey hey hey’…so I went into the profile, DM’d her I was like: ‘Hey I saw you at the audition the other day’…we talked…eventually we exchanged numbers, it went to What