Boity rewards herself for her surprising superiority and celebrates her breakthrough


Boity rewards herself for her surprising superiority and celebrates her breakthrough

Rapper and reality star Boity is on bliss following the success of her new fragrance Pink Sapphire.

The girl who keeps on winning has announced on her respective social media platforms that she has managed to sell 1000 bottles of her new fragrance, pre-sale.

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She recently announced her latest project however from the support she has been receiving, she has managed to sell a whopping 1000 units of her fragrance which retails at R1 500 each.

In awe of her latest achievement, she took to social media to announce the news and thanked each and everybody of her supporters who purchased her fragrance.

“YOU GUYS DID THAT! WE SOLD OUT OUR FIRST 1000 BOTTLES PRE-SALES!! many thanks such a lot for supporting us fam,” she thanked.
The rapper’s Pink Sapphire perfume is best described as an ode to powerful, modern, African queens, making her the foremost fitting in her role as partner and muse.

Boity teamed up with Halo Heritage, the new leading creators of luxurious natural haircare and fine fragrances for the creation of a proudly South African, premium, first-of-its-kind Eau de perfume.

The CEO of Halo Heritage, Inge Peacock, explained why they chose to partner with the Own Your Throne star, she said her energy exudes ‘pink’.

“Pink Sapphire embodies her bubbly and joyous personality — she’s elegant yet approachable, down-to-earth but sophisticated. Together, we created a signature scent that’s fit the sensual, feminine, multifaceted woman who is responsible for her destiny.

Gushing over the creation of the fragrance and the way they expertly balanced the scents, Boity has managed to check another goal in her list after clocking 30.
“When the chance happened, I couldn’t say no. With my previous experience co-creating body perfumes, I considered this because the sensible next step that might give consumers broader insight into what I offer as a businesswoman. After turning 30, I wanted to figure on a fragrance geared towards a more mature audience, so in some ways, this collaboration was perfect timing.

“It’s a strong but elegant fragrance. the highest notes that you simply smell initially are the sugar, the fresh tangerine, and wild marigold. After a couple of moments, you’ll smell the amber, jasmine, and French lavender, and eventually, the heavier base notes of ambroxan, moss, and cedarwood bring that incredible depth – they balance out the sweeter notes perfectly. I just love it!.”