Boity Thulo: everyone must stand firmly against GBV

Boity Thulo: everyone must stand firmly against GBV

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Businesswoman , actress, singer and influencer Boity finally opened days after the assault which allegedly took place recently.Boity used her Twitter account to reveal that she had been a victim of Gender-Based Violence.

In the statement that she shared via her Instagram, she highlighted that she was sad that she had been physically assaulted. It can be confirmed that an assault case was opened by Boity Thulo.

She would not reveal more about the case but highlighted that she was prepared to see where and how the case will unfold. It is devastating that Boity Thulo had to be physically assaulted at a time when South Africa is trying to curb Gender-Based Violence in South Africa. She has however asked the public to give her space to deal with what she went through. Boity however believes that the justice system will assist her and give her justice that she deserves.
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