Bonang and Pinkygirl have unfollowed one another on social media

Bonang and Pinkygirl have unfollowed one another on social media


Media personality Bonang Matheba and her cousin Pinky Girl, have unfollowed each other on their respective Instagram accounts. This has got tongues wagging wildly on whether their relationship has collapsed.

The pair is one of South Africa’s most loved reality show stars and for the longest time, they have been serving major cousins’ goals on social media leaving fans green with envy.



Since the masses were introduced to Pinky Girl on Bonang’s former reality show Being Bonang, the two have completely inseparable. They both travel and attend events together but recently they haven’t been spending time together.

Although Bonang has been relatively quiet on social media, Pinky Girl recently celebrated her birthday which was a blast, and took to social media to share Instagram stories of her birthday celebration to which Bonang was not present.

Bonang who usually shows love to her cousin’s posts on her Instagram account has not been commenting on Pinky Girl’s posts lately which has also raised eyebrows on whether they are beefing or not.

The last public gig they did together was recently working together on a Samsung Ad, which has been receiving compliments from fans. Pinky Girl recently took to social media to announce that she lost her grandmother. In a post on Instagram, she opened up about her loss and how she will miss her grandmother.

The star said she was shattered to the core following the passing of her grandmother who named her Pinky Girl.
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“I lost the most kindest, peaceful and unselfish human being in my life, with a heart of Gold, My grandma ??, She named me Pinky Girl when I was born, she said was so pink ??everything she bought me was pink. I will live by this name forever.

She further shared how she would have loved her kids to experience her grandmother’s love. “I wish my kids were already here to experience her love too??She taught me so much, most importantly, how to love and how to treat everyone with kindness and respect no matter where they come from. I will always cherish your love my Queen “ Koko Thabang.”
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Pinky has since managed to make herself a name in the industry and speaking
to Move Magazine she opened up about how she had to quit her IT job after people started noticing that she was Bonang’s cousin.

“I quit when my colleagues realized I was related to Bonang. Some started acting awkward. My female colleagues gave me a hard time. Some even called me Bonang’s handbag because I was always with her and they said all I do is hang around her.”

Image Cred: Instagram