Bonang is happy with the rumors of her relationship with Big Zulu


Bonang is happy with the rumors of her relationship with Big Zulu

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Adding fuel to the fire has always been something celebs love doing-especially if it generates good publicity for them. Much like the dating rumors between Bonang and Big Zulu, they are creating a buzz that Bonang loves to see.
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It all started with a video Bonang shared on her social media where she and Big Zulu are seen holding hands, blushing, and looking like they were having a serious conversation among them.

Bonang said a Zulu man knows how to sweep a woman off her feet, and warned her followers to always stay vigilant.
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Bonang herself continues to add fuel to the already burning fire by continuously talking about the rumors, making fans even more suspicious of this union. Some even likened them to Hlomu and Mqhele from Showmax’s The Wife and said the couple is probably trembling.


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Big Zulu on the other hand said he and Bonang were just having an innocent conversation and he was left mesmerised by Bonang’s humbleness. Commenting on that post, Bonang added in love and heart emojis. What could that mean?

“Nkabi Nation, One love! We were just having an innocent conversation with Bonang. Nothing serious it’s just two people getting to know each other that’s all… Thank you my sister for the opportunity to talk to you and for being humble.”

Big Zulu recently became a hot topic after his tribute song to Riky Rick and when he recorded himself crying after his death made rounds. Slik Talk slammed Zulu and said he was fishing for clout or fame.

Slik first said, “You have to watch these undercover clout chasers, they are the worst. These people that you think are big but they are undercover clout chasers. When I had my boxing match with Cassper Nyovest, Lasizwe was there, Big Zulu was there and this was on the 22nd of December.

“Didn’t they have bookings? I went to look up Big Zulu’s music and I come to find out that this man’s music is not moving like it used to so he is looking for moments.

“Stop moving like an undercover clout chaser pretending as you care. You don’t care. If you care you wouldn’t cry on Instagram Live,” said the YouTuber.

But Big Zulu threatened to throw hands and not pay him as Cassper did. Slik Talk still did not back down and said Zulu smells like cow pee.

“…so I woke up this morning to find that I am being threatened by Big Zulu talking about when he sees me he’s gonna slap me…This is the same Big Zulu that I met at the Cassper Nyovest boxing match and this man was smelling like cow pee and now all of a sudden he is a tough guy?” Slik talk said starting off his video.
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He continued by saying Zulu’s music is garbage, “The only reason that I used to listen to your music is that I liked the fact that you are humble, you came in from KZN and you never changed you were yourself. All

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