Bonang isn’t ready to take on the responsibility of being a mother.

Bonang isn’t ready to take on the responsibility of being a mother.

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Queen B assured fans that her future undoubtedly will contain youngsters but in the instant, she still needs to concentrate on her career and her style that involves loads of movement, alcohol and partying.

The bourgeois ANd reality star went on Instagram Live for an interview with IOL wherever she displayed regarding the pressures folks placed on her in terms of wedding and beginning her family currently that she is in her 30s.

“My life straight away I would like to party, to fancy my alcoholic beverages, to travel to nighttime clubs and party. i would like to induce on AN Emirates plane at 2 o’clock within the morning and not stress anybody,” she said.

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She aforesaid once she will eventually have youngsters her life can utterly stop however she needs that to happen once she has enough cash to try to to therefore and not be utterly addicted to the daddy of her youngsters ought to he loses his financial gain.

“I love youngsters and that I recognize as presently as I actually have a baby everything goes to prevent. i am unable to have a baby currently as a result of I’m terribly egotistical with myself and with my time. There are unit bound things that I would like to try to 1st and come through before I bring somebody into this world,” she displayed.