Bonang leaves fans in awe as she snaps where she’ll spend her Christmas

Bonang leaves fans in awe as she snaps where she’ll spend her Christmas

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Last week, Bonang Matheba laughed off reports that she came back from New York City, and has been living off the radar for a while. When fans welcomed her back, she responded with ‘LOL’ and neither confirmed nor denied that she is in South Africa.

To prove that she is still in NYC, Bonang resumed her activities on Instagram by posting a gold Christmas tree centred on a busy Manhattan road. Then another post was of a picture of a different Christmas tree inside a building.

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Now this might be her way of proving that she has not come back from South Africa as yet, but could also be pictures she got from somewhere else.

Perhaps she is still trying to keep a low profile for whatever reason. In her previous IG videos, over the weekend, Bonang was seen out partying with a friend listening to her ex-boyfriend AKA’s music, Don’t Forget To Pray from t joint album he did with Anatii.

Do they play such music in New York City?

Bonang mentioned last month that she will be home for Christmas so she could return in the next coming days. Unless of course, she decides to spend her first Christmas at the Big Apple.

Anyway, moving right along, Bonang was featured on an album by A-Reece where he worked with his brother Jay Jody, called heaveN caN waiT: thE narroW dooR voL.1. Bonang is featured on track number 9, titled ridiculouS and a clip from an old interview where she said, “Where? On Earth? No. Or in the world, or in the universe or … No I … No, not that I’m aware of,” was heard playing.

On the song which featured Bonang, also is the most successful on Spotify with people streaming it more than 300K times.

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She might have dominated the Mzansi entertainment scene but Bonang was still hungry for international success. Remember the two-part reality show she did with SABC 1, where she struts New York.

That might have sparked her interest in moving to The Big Apple, and settling there. In a previous interview with Drum Magazine in 2019, she said she was planning to move to the USA after the Sun Met in 2020 but COVID-19 happened “I’m moving to the US after the Sun Met next year and the plan is to get there to put the plans in motion.

“I have a hunger to be great and it is addictive,” she said. “I work hard, I make sacrifices because I want to be the best. If I had the opportunity to speak to the young Bonang who got into the industry very young, I would tell her to keep going.”