Bonang Matheba celebrates the overthrow of Nathi Mthethwa

Bonang Matheba celebrates the overthrow of Nathi Mthethwa

Mthethwa who has faced allegations of continued failings in his portfolio has been replaced by Zizi Kodwa, who has been appointed as the replacement for Minister of Sport, Arts, and Culture.

It is no secret that Queen B was not a fan of Nathi’s work. Bonang was constantly taking digs at Mthethwa and questioning his competency as Minister of Arts and Culture. Ever since the announcement of the R22 million for a monumental flag, she has been taking digs at him and even called him “useless.”

Taking to Twitter after the president reshuffled the cabinet, she tweeted “Wonderful.”

Tweeps have reacted to Mthethwa’s reshuffle.

Mthethwa recently congratulated Banyana Banyana after their recent win over Morocco in the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations. But, Bonang was not having it, instead, she took a swipe at him

β€œIt feels good for South African football to once again reach the pinnacle of continental football, for the first time since 1996. Indeed, it is coming home Mzansi.” tweeted Mthethwa.

In response to the tweet, Matheba said, β€œBecause NOTHING has been done since 1996! Imagine the nerve!! Swooping in to celebrate a VICTORY you didn’t cultivate!! Find a new job.”

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