Bonang Matheba changes her look and her fans are happy

Bonang Matheba changes her look and her fans are happy


Bonang Matheba is back with a bang and for some reason, her bang never ceases to amaze us.

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The South African darling who’s now based in the big city of New York has been enjoying life in every angle of the city that is popularly known for never sleeping. Although it’s been few months since she left South Africa, Bonang Matheba is settling in just fine with her famous model friends.
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Recently she made a come back on Instagram. And as we all know it, a comeback for Bonang Matheba means inundating fans with sultry fashion-forward snaps that will definitely leave them wagging their tongues. Interestingly that’s what she did this time around. She shared a couple of snaps of her day in New York City. Guess what? We approve the fashion inspo.

In the picture, Bonang Matheba is stunned in an all-black outfit. I’m talking about black hair, black shades and black heels, all black everything. She even rode around in a black SUV. Seemingly black must be her new color. But then again we never know. At one point we were all convinced that her color is red after she started donning in red outfits and hair more frequently.
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It turned out she was only exploring the color. So we are hoping that she’s doing the same thing now.