Bonang Matheba didn’t accept Rea Gopane’s apology.

Bonang Matheba didn’t accept Rea Gopane’s apology.


Radio and television personality Bonang Matheba is playing no games where her reputation and career care. this is often why she decided to form an example out of Youtuber Rea Gopane after he made damning accusations about her.

The businesswoman’s character was defamed when Rea, on his podcast The Rea and Black Step Podcast, accused her of introducing rapper AKA to cocaine, claiming to possess gotten this information from radio and television personality Siyabonga ‘Scoop Makhathini’ Ngwekazi.

The podcaster had reported this as facts on an episode that went viral after it’s released on the 9th of May. However, Bonang’s lawyers – within the letter of demand to Rea – rubbished these claims, labeling them “false, derogatory and hurtful”.

Parts of the letter read as follows: “On Sunday 9 May 2021 you falsely and unlawfully accused Bonang Matheba during a widely published video clip of, inter alia, having introduced AKA (Kieman Jarryd Forbes) to cocaine. within the context of what was being discussed within the video clip this defamatory allegation was exacerbated by the shocking insinuation that the death of AKA’s girlfriend Anele (Nellie) Tembe was thanks to AKA’s alleged use of cocaine.AKA-and-Bonang

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“The allegations were defamatory, hurtful and were deliberately intended to humiliate my client and undermine her reputation. The allegations also are , to your knowledge false. Your false utterances are compounded by the very fact that at the time of creating them on a public platform, you knew full well that these utterances would be widely viewed given my client’s high public profile.”

Rea was instructed to issue a retraction and apology within the sort of a video and letter, and post these on all his social media platforms. He was also slapped with a R500 000 lawsuit in damages to pay the House of BNG owner.

As per the letter of demand, the 22-year-old YouTuber posted an apology and retraction on his social media accounts.

In a single paragraph, Rea’s letter read: “To the extent that I even have made statements to certain individuals and within the public media stating or implying Ms Matheba’s connection to cocaine, I unequivocally retract all such imputations and unreservedly apologise that they were made. I regret any inconvenience caused to Ms Matheba and undertake that it’ll not happen again.”

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While many Twitter users found the letter rushed and insincere, Bonang didn’t reply or acknowledge it on social media.

The letter was shortly followed by a video by Rea during which he apologized to Bonang, AKA and Scoop.

“As stated in my previous retraction and apology to Miss Bonang Matheba, i might wish to sincerely apologise to everyone who was mentioned within the podcast on the 9th of May 2021. i’m deeply regretful of what I said and that i now realise the harm that podcast could cause.

“I have learnt from my mistakes and that i will look to enhance my content going forward,” he said partially

Watch the complete video below.

However, this might not be enough because during a now-deleted tweet, he made light of things . Unfortunately for him, fans were ready with screenshots and alerted Bonang of the tweet.

In the tweet, Rea jokes about his emphasis on the words “it’s known” within the viral and accusatory video about Bonang and AKA.