Bonang Matheba shared Mzansi her new year joy

Bonang Matheba shared Mzansi her new year joy
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People have been left drowning in a pool of questions after seeing the video of the well-known celebrity Bonang Matheba.

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Bonang is a South African television reality star who has gained popularity over the past years. She has managed to capture the hearts of many fans over the past years and she continues to prove that she is the best. She is also an award winning television presenter who has worked so hard to be where she is right now. The multimillionaire is also in the business industry having her own wine brand known as the House of Bonang however there seems to be a fight of ownership with the company that has been managing for her.
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Today marks the second day since she got back to South Africa. We all know that she has been living in America for couple of months. She made it to South Africa earlier on the 30th and uploaded pictures on the 31st on her social media pages revealing to the masses that she is back in the country. She uploaded a video at her home wearing a white dress popping champagne to celebrate the end of the year. On the video masses noticed something that left them talking. People were able to see that she has lost weight so badly compared to when she left.
She looks more thin than before she left the country. People are now worried and asking if maybe she is sick or going through something that is consuming her energy so badly. Others also revealed that she is faking her smile on the video. We all know that 2021 was not easy for her after the fight with her brand management as they fought for ownership.

People are saying that she might have been depressed due to challenges that she might have been facing. However others are saying her body might have changed due to different environment. It’s probably how her body was responding to the new environment in America. What is your take on this matter?.


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