Bonang Matheba Take Over From Somizi After His Dismissal Rumors

Bonang Matheba Take Over From Somizi After His Dismissal Rumors

Bonang Matheba the queen of entertainment, the woman who used to make everyone stay at home on a friday night just because everyone wanted to just have a piece of her vibe and elegance glancing on their screens, we wont lie, Bonang is a natural when it comes to presenting and talk shows, she draws attention in everything she does and, all we want is to always see her on our Tv screens everyday.

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We would love to exaggerate a little and say that everything she touches, turns in to gold, ever since the news of Somizi and Mohale broke out, Somizi has asked to take some time off air and some of his jobs to focus on his dilemma as we have all seen that him and his husband have been trending all over social media for the whole week, and it looks like they are going to trend for yet another week.

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There have been reports that he was fired from being the judge on idols SA, but the alleged firing was somehow not true as some of the media statements were retracted and said that he has decided to take some time off from hid duties to focus on the drama that is surrounding him and his husband lately.

Many people are rooting for Bonang Matheba to replace Somizi as the judge because Bonang makes everything look beautiful, she has grown to be a woman with class and she is well respected in the industry, plus, most people love her presenting skills, Bonang is able to draw attention and rates to many shows, no one ever misses a show Bonang is in, we do not know if she will given the offer to take over from Somizi, they used to be best friends but now we do not know, this is just a thought from some of their fans, and at this Moment, Bonang is trending.