Bonang Matheba’s caused the madness of rapper Focalistic .


Bonang Matheba’s caused the madness of rapper Focalistic.

Bonang Matheba causes rapper Focalistic think he is dreaming
Focalistic’s track Ke Star featuring Virgo Deep is most likely one of Mzansi’s biggest songs at the moment. The song has many craving for groove spots to be open so they can enjoy the star to its fullest potential.

The song was released in April and seems to have now reached the masses as it’s trending on social media with many sharing videos of themselves jamming to the song.

Focalistic has become one artist to look out for in the music streets and he is confident that one day he will be the greatest African artist and with all the work he is putting it’s highly possible.

Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba

Even media personality Bonang Matheba thinks Focalistic is destined for great things.

Bonang commented on the Pitori native’s Instagram post and let him know to keep soaring and called him a superstar.

Now, Queen B when it comes to music has quite the ear so a nod from her is pretty much a big deal. Focalistic was left feeling like he was dreaming after seeing the comment who wouldn’t be.