Bonang reminds Rea Gopane why they call her Queen B


Bonang reminds Rea Gopane why they call her Queen B

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Media personality Bonang Matheba has been locked in battle with controversial podcaster Rea Gopane for more than a year now. And as he continues to come at her online it looks like the beef will never really be over.

The two first started beefing when Rea alleged on his podcast that Bonang had introduced her ex-boyfriend AKA to cocaine. The allegations were quite serious and Bonang did not take them lying down, as you can imagine. She responded swiftly through her lawyers to demand an apology from him or she would sue for defamation of character.


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Rea did apologise but that did not stop Bonang. She published images of her
lawsuit against him on Twitter, showing that she was demanding he pay her R500K in damages. That was in 2021 and the case kind of went silent for a while, leading most of us to think it was over.


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But Bonang recently revived the beef online as she tweeted Rea to wish him good luck in the upcoming lawsuit. She said the courts were open showing her excitement to finally destroy him.

Rea did not take it lying down either. He said that Bonang was just upset that she failed to bring him down last year, which is why she is trying again now. He then crowned it all by calling her “mom”, a passive-aggressive jab at their age difference.

Now tweeps are wondering whether the vlogger is brave or just stupid. He may officially be an adult but most of Mzansi still considers him a child. And what teenager in their right mind would be fighting online with a millionaire almost twice his age?

Fans don’t understand how he thinks he will get out of the sticky situation he got himself into, and is now making it worse. They think he cannot possibly have a career successful enough to be able to cough up R500K to pay Bonang, so fanning the flames in this manner is completely unnecessary.

But others have applauded him for sticking to his guns. His defence would be that he heard it first from Scoop about Bonang and AKA, but that is a pretty flimsy defence in a court of law. He has also been applauded for standing up to Bonang, who some find arrogant and a bit of a bully too.

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Rea may need to learn to tread lightly though. I mean have you even paid Mr JazziQ the R1 Million he was fined after he alleged that the DJ had a hand in the deaths of his friends Killer Kau and Mpura?

Is it all for clout? Because if it is, he’s doing too much. Plus he’s just reached a little over 9000 followers, so it’s not working for him. He may one day find himself in trouble he cannot get out of, and all those hyping him up now won’t be around to help.

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