Bonang the latest celeb to be pit against Pearl Thusi


Bonang the latest celeb to be pit against Pearl Thusi

Bonang Matheba topped the trends list after a video of Queen Latifah giving Pearl Thusi her flowers went viral. Bonang got trolled with tweeps telling her that she wasted her time in New York because Pearl Thusi is receiving all the stardom.
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This morning – well for Pearl it would have been during midday since she is in Dubai – Pearl got surprised with a message from the Queen herself saying she has been watching her career like a hawk and would love to work with her in the near future.

“Pearl Thusi…I just wanted to give you a shout out to let you know sister you are strong and bad. I’m watching you do your thing, you keep doing your thing and one day maybe we can be able to do something together. That would be hot,” she said in the clip and added a little wink.

For Pearl, this made her week extra special and also added to the excitement of having Fistful of Vengeance trend at number 1 in various countries.

With all this success and the flowers she is receiving, trolls can’t help but wonder how Bonang managed to not get this much success after having spent so much time in America.

To remind you a bit, Bonang said she went to America to work on a podcast with Charlamagne Tha God for his Black Effect show. That did not happen and Bonang also remained silent about her moves in the Big Apple.

This even saw her haters Rea Gopane who told her to come back home because she would never succeed in the States.

Here are all the nasty comments about B:

Neither ladies have said anything as yet but Pearl is still excited about having a very awesome week.

“I am kind of speechless for all the love, all the support. I am all the way in Dubai right now I am not even home. From around the world and all the way from home I am getting this love and appreciation for Fistful Of Vengeance. For the entire cast and crew, it’s so real it’s so authentic and I really truly appreciate it.

“I don’t know how I can say thank you and to really express all the love,” she then thanked everybody involved in making this film a success.
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Pearl even reflected on how people laughed at her when Queen Sono got cancelled, but God helped her by landing another Netflix role.

“#WuAssassins #FistfulofVengeance is the NUMBER 1 movie on the planet on the Netflix platform. I’m in that movie. Me,” said Pearl. “After Queen Sono got cancelled I was heart broken- people celebrated my pain. I’m crying because God took time but he reminded me that I’m His. I’m so emotional.”

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