Bongani comes clean about Brenda Fassie’s millions

Bongani comes clean about Brenda Fassie’s millions

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09 February 2018. Bongani Fassie a musician best known as the son of the late Brenda Fassie and was a member of the hip hop outfit Jozi, with Da L.E.S. and Ishmael.
He was also a former Big Dudes band member, playing the piano, drums, guitar, and congas. He produced hip hop and pop hits as a solo and a group artist, releasing his debut solo album African Boy at the age of 10.Picture: Moeletsi Mabe/Sunday Times

Bongani Fassie has scored himself a reality show on Moja Love called Finding Bongani which is about to premiere in June. Son of the late Queen Of African Pop Brenda Fassie, his life wasn’t all easy and glamorous since he lost his mother 17-years-ago.

According to Moja Love, the show will give viewers a glance at how the music producer and singer lived his life, being the kid star who had a promising future within the industry. He also will be revealing how he misspent his illustrious mother’s millions which she acquired throughout her successful career.

Moja Love released a trailer and judging by the trailer, people that are closely connected to Bongani are going to be telling his story. one of the most topics is how society shunned the kid star when his mother passed on. Like his mother, he too struggled with the white plague and had attempted to finish his own life at some point.

One of the interviewees is Kuli Roberts who says Bongani should be grateful for being where he’s today which he didn’t succumb to society’s pressures and killed himself.

“We all should be grateful he’s where he’s today in life and he has not killed himself,“ she said ahead of the corporate.

Other speakers spoke about hos tumultuous his life was and “he nearly lost it.” Without revealing an excessive amount of within the trailer though, we already know that he dodged court appearances and also had people thinking he abused drugs.

Season 1 starts June 5th at 20:30 on Moja Love.
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Bongani is dubbed a musical genius by many and his impact within the Hip Hop industry isn’t one that ought to be overlooked. He has produced for several other artists within the industry; including his former group mate which is Jozi, DA LES on his Fresh 2 Def album. he’s also a father of two who takes pride in his family and youngsters .

Paying respects to him, LES said, “This album changed our lives forever. i actually hope it inspired and is remembered for what it’s finished SA Hip Hop today. Bongani Fassie produced the entire thing together with his bare hands, I wrote every single lyric from my heart, Lance Stehr hand delivered every single station .”