Bongani Fassie is in trouble with the former head of the record company

Bongani Fassie is in trouble with the former head of the record company

Bongani Fassie 1 Bongani Fassie is in trouble with the former head of the record company

Bongani Fasssie is in hot water following defamatory remarks he made against his former record label boss, Lance Stehr. Lance Stehr has reportedly served him with a summons.

According to Drum Magazine, Stehr who owns Muthaland Entertainment, is taking legal actions against Bongani after he claimed that he gave him his first cocaine snot, allegations Lance has denied.

In the episode Bongani claimed Lance contributed to his depression and said he allegedly gave him drugs when things got too much.

This starling claims were made by Bongani in the episode Finding Bongani Fassie. Brenda Fassie’s veteran pop singer friend Mercy Pakela claimed that Lance feeds the people he works with drugs so that they cannot think straight and make sound decisions.

“He is a mastermind. He is a master of drugs. He takes drugs and gives them to the children so that they don’t think properly. So they shouldn’t use their minds to preserve their culture and to know the financial side of the industry,” Mercy alleged.

According to the publication, Lance is suing Bongani for R6.5 million for defamation of character and loss of income as a result of his allegations.

“As a direct cause of the said publication and broadcasting of intentional falsehoods by Defendant, Plaintiff (Lance) has suffered, and will continue to suffer, significant harm to his business and its professional reputation resulting in commercial and economic loss in the sum of R6 000 000.00,” the documents read.

“The false and defamatory statements made and broadcasted by Defendant and his confidante Mercy Pakela have had the effect of lowering the reputation of the Plaintiff (Lance) in the eyes of his community in that Plaintiff is perceived by those to whom publication occurred as an unprofessional manager who exploits his clients and deals drugs to them.”
Bongani Fassie 3 Bongani Fassie is in trouble with the former head of the record company
When contacted Bongani refuted that he received the summons.“I heard about it, but I was not handed a summons,” he said

“He summoned the wrong person. I haven’t received the papers. The sheriff did call me. And anyway, Lance signed consent to do the show. He is interviewed on the show and signed a release form. You see, that’s where the danger is.”

Lance said he wants Bongani to retract his statement, but the musician refuses to back down. He said he was also coming for him “The cocaine stuff is true. If he wants to sue, then I will do the same. I am also coming for him,” Fassie was quoted as saying.

In addition, he alleged that Stehr was involved in her mother’s estate that got wound up. “Lance was involved in my mom’s estate. That got wound up, it was finalised and everything.

“I want to find out where my R25 million went to. He has got a fight coming. Lance was my legal guardian, self-appointed, and it wound up to 11 years.

“There are so many irregularities to this and I am not backing down either. Also, where am I supposed to get R6 million?”

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