Bontle Modiselle celebrates her first wedding anniversary.

Bontle Modiselle celebrates her first wedding anniversary.

SA celebrity couple, Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modiselle are celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary.
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The lovers tied the knot in a traditional wedding in 2019, but she had conceived their first baby by then.

Taking to social media, the two appreciated each-other with heart-melting words.

This picture genuinely represents what the last 11 years have felt like, complete bliss..

MaAfrika Moloi, I am honored to be the man that you chose to travel along this life’s journey with. Witnessing your growth, from when we were teens, to students in tertiary, to being independents, to marriage & parenthood, I couldn’t be more proud of the people we’ve become.
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Our 1st year of marriage flew by so fast, I’m hoping the next 70 are a lot more prolonged, I’m enjoying the ride. Happy 1year Anniversary Beautiful @bontle.modiselle – I Love You, Priddy wrote.

Bontle also said: Ntate Moloi, you’re a very special man to me. A Purposeful life-long friendship and union. You fill my cup. You make me happy. Thank you for the life we continue to share together. Ke ho rata ka pelo le moya. A year in marriage down, a lifetime to go! I love you @priddy_ugly ❤️✨ Happy Anniversary!