Bontle Modiselle has never ceased to amaze Mzansi


Bontle Modiselle has never ceased to amaze Mzansi

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Bontle Modiselle born on the 7th of October in 1990 is a versatile individual who is very creative and artistic.

She is a famous choreographer who happens to be one of the best female dancers in South Africa.

She is also a model, radio personality, television presenter, actress, and singer as well.
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She is a woman who is invested in all her crafts, she is a natural-born entertainer through her captivating personality.
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Bontle Modiselle is an African Movie Academy Award nominee, she is a woman who is exceptional at all that she does for the South African arts and entertainment landscape.

Bontle is the firstborn in her family, her siblings are also in the media and entertainment industry.
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She is married to rapper, model, and businessman ‘Priddy Ugly’, and together they have one of the most adorable relationships in South African show business.


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In a recent Instagram post Bontle left fans speechless looking absolutely stunning in tribal attire. (Pic below)

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