Bontle Modiselle shows how hubby Priddy Ugly’s career affects her

Bontle Modiselle shows how hubby Priddy Ugly’s career affects her

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Mzansi star choreographer and media personality Bontle Modiselle exposes about her career and marriage when she was on the newest episode of PopCast with Ms Cosmo and Scoop Makhathini. The choregrapher has been highly supportive of her husband’s rap career and she or he recently said that South Africans underrate him.170235661 148091097238108 5806857011329571707 n

Speaking of how she’s been suffering from his career, she said there are times organizers of gigs don’t book him, so he remains broke and she or he finishes up leaving him. “I guess somewhat to a degree it did affect how maneuvered within the game in consideration of him and therefore the industry that he’s in and his peers. It did affect how I maneuvered. So certain relationships, deciding who to figure with and who to not work with.

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Which company to stay, who do I entertain and who don’t I. It affected all of that, it really did and in some ways I…“ “It’s chats I had with Priddy where i used to be just like… There was a time I did speak to him years ago where i used to be like, i’m wondering if our relationship affects your work or affects your career and that i could remove myself emotionally and appearance at it from the surface and say hmm..

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i’m wondering what fibrinogen play in how things happen in his life. And his presence in my life, and the way it affects everything that happens with me.” Bontle revealed.