Bontle Modiselle talks about her struggles in her romantic relationships

Bontle Modiselle talks about her struggles in her romantic relationships

Bontle Moloi, wife to rapper Priddy Ugly sat down with Mac G on his Podcast and Chill where she talked about her marriage, relationships, cheating, and her father’s suicide.

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The Hear Me Move star touched on the primary time she and Priddy Ugly met, saying they started chatting on Mxit. They were good friends for about 3 years ranging from 2006 to 2009. once they decided to require their relationship to a subsequent level, it had been when Bontle had just gotten dumped by her boyfriend on her birthday.

The dancer reveals that she had just gotten back from a world trip where she made the primary advance Priddy after being friends for 3 years.

Bontle also touched on the nitty-gritty, by revealing her shortest ever relationship. it had been with singer and dancer Shelton Forbes and it lasted for less than 1 week. She admitted that they were each other’s rebounds and it had been nothing serious. This gave many the realization that she is merely into good looking men. She, however, didn’t fully comply with that as she will admit that she had dated some pretty questionable-looking men.

Mrs. Moloi had to touch on the viral video where she and her husband said cheating isn’t a deal-breaker for them. “For us, cheating isn’t a deal-breaker in our relationship. Without invalidating anyone’s experiences…there are tons of conversations, there are tons of experiences, tons of things that have happened to tell such a choice. So us deciding or me feeling immediately as Bontle that cheating isn’t a deal-breaker is simply really how I feel,” she said. “That sort of circumstance isn’t something that might get within the way of our relationship.”
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She then clarified that if Priddy were to cheat, they might attempt to fix their relationship first rather than dismissing one another. Bontle said she would definitely understand if Priddy just wanted to ‘release’ as long because the cheating wasn’t deeper. However, she goes on to mention that there’s no reason for them to cheat watching how their relationship is made. Forgiveness would be determined at what proportion she values the person, and Priddy is certainly worth her forgiveness.

“The man that I’m thereupon I’ve built my life with all of those years. maybe a man that’s worth all of that. I’m willing to place myself therein sort of position for him to try to do an equivalent thing because he has proven to be a person who deserves that and that I have proven myself.”

Mac G then asked her if he had to cheat and have a baby would she still want to figure things out. Contemplating on whether she would or not, Bontle said it’s a troublesome one because Priddy would want to be within the child’s life, so rather than walking away, she would attempt to work things out. She did confirm though that abuse is that the deal-breaker.