Boss Chick doesn’t feel guilty about knowing married men.

Boss Chick doesn’t feel guilty about knowing married men.

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Keila Treyy, also known as Boss Chick, a popular Ghanaian actress, has claimed that she has no regrets about having relationships with married men because she intends to use the money she receives from them to help needy people and construct churches. Following the release of Linda Ikeji’s Blog, it was reported that the actress made the comment during an interview with Ghanaian media personality Arnold Mensah.

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Keila said that she has earned a lot of money from having relationships with married men, but she does not feel terrible about it because the guys are the ones who have requested the affair. The actress acknowledged that other women may have an affair with her husband as well if she were to get married, but she stated that she would not be bothered by this because she already understands that one woman would never be able to satisfy a man.

Keila went on to say that she plans to utilize the money she received from her married lovers to fund the construction of churches and orphanages.